Leaving Wildbit October 23, 2008

This week I left Wildbit team. It was really difficult decision for me because it’s just a perfect company – the best one I’ve worked in! I’ve made lots of friends there and it was nice to work with everybody. Goodbye, guys!

I decided to concentrate more on my own company. That’s what I was thinking about last years. Actually I’m not going to develop my own projects. At least for right now. I do not feel strong enough yet. But making business as outsourcing/consulting company can help me to get necessary experience. And it’s just another side of application development process which I want to be involved as a professional.

Back to PHP! Nice to switch from one platform to another one, from one language to another. Of course there is pros and cons in every framework, library etc. But get back in touch with something you’re familiar with is always nice. As you probably already got my company is going to be specialized in PHP/MySQL development.

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