Background music on web site July 24, 2009

Just curious do you like to hear music when you open a web site? Some clients I work with still asking me to place background music on their site. It can create some atmosphere when you open site, I agree. But what if people do not like it? It’s possible that users that come to the site are listening music in media player. Then it creates a crazy mix and first second you even do not understand what’s going on. Especially if you are surfing not one website at once. And many people do it. So I really concerned is it usable to set background music and whether it will attract visitors or just make them do not return back again.

If you decided to place background music you should place Pause/Play buttons at least to give visitors control over the playing.

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Randall K November 1st, 2010

No music, please! “If I wanted your website to make noise, I would have licked my finger and rubbed it across the screen.”

Good to see your site, Alex. Nice work, as always, from your team!

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